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Parenting has always been hard and it keeps getting harder.  So many parents in your church and community feel inadequate and are overwhelmed with helping their kids and grandkids.  They know kids are growing up in a world with easy access to pornography and recreational drugs.  They worry as they see kids becoming inseparable from their phones and video games.  They aren’t sure what kind of future awaits these kids who are so un-prepared for adulthood.

We not only understand the problems, we know there is hope.  We’ve worked with parents and teens for over 31 years and know what works.  We know the key areas for parents, grandparents and mentors to focus on to help kids become great adults despite the threats in their life.

We want to get the word out that there are solutions!  

As you plan your next event we know you are praying for an event people rally around and makes an impact. The right speaker will be a catalyst for the change rather than fear, action rather than paralysis and an eternal rather than temporary changes.

We have the same goals as you do and look forward to partnering to make the biggest impact we can make in your community.

An Overview of this Page

What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. Prompt professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. An announcement about your event on our blog and social media channels. (Assuming your event is open to the public and you want additional advertising for it.)
  3. A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation on the agreed-upon topic, suited to fit your group’s needs.
  4. A resource sheet created for your attendees, including links to books, articles, and other resources we believe will be helpful.
  5. A follow-up email for each attendee with presentation slides, electronic versions of any handouts from the event, and contact information so they can reach us with any questions or comments.
  6. A quick follow-up communication with the event organizer after the event, to make sure we met your goals and to give you a chance to share how you think we can improve.

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A Little Bit About Me

Chuck Hagele is the primary presenter for Project Patch.  He has been publicly speaking for over 20 years and presents in a number of formats including sermons, keynotes, seminars, breakouts and interviews.  He has been featured on local and national radio and television shows including an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show.

He regularly writes articles and creates podcasts for Today’s Family Experience as well as contributes to other programs that help teens and families.

He has been married to his wife, Kelly, for 22 years.  They have two daughters and a son.  Their family has experienced the beauty and challenges of adoption and raising a special needs child.  They live near Portland Oregon.  Chuck enjoys triathlons, running, reading, fly-fishing and food.

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Most Requested Topics

We speak on topics related to family, teens, church youth, church leadership, and technology within the home.  We will customize our presentation to meet your group’s needs, and will work closely with you to determine the best way to reach your audience.

Our most requested topics include the following.  Keep in mind that we can present in a short, keynote style, or as a seminar or workshop.  We will do our best to formulate our presentation to fit whatever time period you have available.

Raising Tech Safe Kids: Focuses on helping your kids in a world with threats like pornography, video games and social media.  This seminar focuses on reducing the vulnerability of your kids and increasing behaviors that make them self-disciplined.   Key points include understanding, setting goals, communicating about media experiences and building resilience.  This seminar will help you and your kids be on the same team.    More >>>

Life Ready Kids: this seminar focuses on keys to preparing your child to become a great adult and not move back into your basement.  Raising a great adult requires more out of a parent and what is easy to do in the short run may actually hurt them in the future.  Key points include transferring responsibility, modeling, threats, values and how to learn adult skills. More >>>

Impacting Teens: Introduces the importance of strategic relationships with teens that will impact the rest of their lives.  Instruction on building rapport, communicating with a teen, how to respond when emotions are running high, and danger areas to always keep in mind.   More >>>

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What Others Are Saying

” We need more programs like this which are aimed at people.  We all have problems and often don’t have means to correct.  This program taught me there are effective means to address internet problems.”
– Bill A – Grandparent, Walla Walla WA

“Thank you for your help and involvement with the show.  You did a great job and I believe served this family well”

– Anthony Haskins, Resource Director – Dr. Phil Show

“Very comprehensive and professionally presented.  I loved the personal experiences.”

-Dorthy, Mentor, Pasco, WA

“His talks had relevant, practical information shared through real-life stories and interwoven with biblical and common-sense principles.”

– Steve Allred, Pastor/Attorney, Yuba City, CA

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming previously scheduled speaking engagements will appear below.  For a full list, you can view Project Patch’s events calendar.  Please make note of any visible scheduling conflicts prior to requesting a specific date for your event.

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My Previous Engagements

I have spoken at many events.  Here is a list of the most recent:

Date Location Topic
12/5/17 Solidrock Teen Center, Brush Prairie, WA

“Who Owns The Off Switch” – video game focus

11/16/17 Walla Walla Valley Academy, Washington

“Who Needs Perfect” – High-school Assembly
“Raising Tech Safe Kids” – Parent Seminar

11/5/17 Pathfinder Leadership Training – Gladstone, OR Childhood development, report and fostering positive behavior
10/6/17 Refresh Conference, Chicago, IL

“Navigating Sibling Dynamics” & “Out of Home Care for Hurting Kids”

6/19/17 Young Life Camp (Antelope, OR)

Oregon Conference Youth Retreat – Teens Helping Teens

6/13/17 Camp Mivoden, Hayden, ID

“The Emotional and Physical Care of Children – Coaching skills and warning signs of abuse”

5/16/17 Medford, OR

“What Was I Thinking?” – Talks for K-12
“Raising Tech Safe Kids” 

5/4/17 Burlington, WA

“What Was I Thinking?” – talk for K-12
“Why Families are Under Attack” – Sermon
“Raising Tech Safe Kids” 

4/22/17 Journey Church – Everett, WA

“Raising Tech Safe Kids” 

3/27/17 Oregon Conference of SDA

“Being Misunderstood”

3/25/17 Northwest Ministry Conference – Seattle

“They’ve Seen It All, Now What?” – Regaining Purity
“Helping Kids IN Addiction”

3/11/17 Clackamas Community College

“Impacting The Next Generation” – Mentoring Talk

3/3/17 Refresh Conference – Seattle

“They’ve Seen It All, Now What?”
“Navigating Sibling Dynamics”
“Out of Home Placements”

2/23/17 Portland Youth Workers Network

How Project Patch Helps 

1/25/17 NATSAP Annual Conference, Tucson AZ

“Your Voice Matters” 

1/20/17 Vancouver Community Adventist Church

“Raising Tech Safe Kids” 

1/18/17 Envoy Group, Heartlight Ministries, Texas

A Faith-Based Approach to Pornography Addiction Treatment

1/10/17 NAD Ministries Convention Family Ministries Advisory
12/3/16 Woodburn Community Adventist Church “Don’t Be Afraid: A Study of Perfect Love”
11/12/16 Refresh Conference – Chicago “They’ve Seen It All, Now What?”
10/27/16 Cadwell Adventist School PTA “Raising Tech Safe Kids”
10/21/16 Lincoln County School District #2, Wyoming Jr High, Sr High and 6th Grade Assemblies on “My Brain Isn’t Helping Me!”
10/21/16 Morningstar Baptist, Alpine Wyoming 3 Session Parenting Seminars – “What’s On Their Screen”, “Life Ready Kids”, “Raising Tech Safe Kids”
9/16/16 CAA Boys Purity Event 3 Sessions and Activities based on helping boys pursue purity
9/13/16 Project Patch “Motivating Unmotivated Teens”
8/11/16 Adventist Community Church, Vancouver “Help Video Games are Driving Us Apart”
8/10/16 Upper Columbia Conference Teachers Meetings 4 Breakout sessions on Pornography, Video Games, Social Media and Unmotivated Teens.
8/8/16 Washington Conference Teachers Meeting 4 Session Keynote on Pornography, Video games, Social Media and unmotivated teens
7/19/16 NewVibe Leadership Group “Making an Impact Through Public Speaking”
7/2/16 Morningstar Baptist Church, Alpine, WA Sermon “Being Transformed”
5/24/16 Accelerator YMCA, Seattle, WA Therapeutic Foster Parent Workshop, “They’ve seen it all, now what?”
5/7/16 Goldendale, WA SDA Church Sermon – “Being Transformed”
4/29/16 CAA Student Assembly Worship, Battle Ground, WA “I Can’t Do It” Talk on perfectionism, people pleasing and shame.
3/15/16 Shine The Light 2, Family Center Why Jesus Said No, Why Jesus Said Yes – Focus on leading ministry
3/12/16 NW Ministry Conf, Overtake Church, Redmond, WA Help! Video Games are Invading Our Homes
3/5/16 Calimesa SDA Church Renewing Our Minds – Special focus on men and boys
 2/27/16 Refresh Conference, Overtake Church, Redmond, WA They’ve seen it all, now what?
2/17/16 Boise Christian Men’s Lunch Impacting This Generation
 2/16/16 Idaho Conference Teachers Meetings Help!  Technology is Invading my Classroom:  pornography, video games, social media
 1/30/16 Family Focus Forum, Oregon City High School Raising Life Ready Kids
1/23/16 Friday Harbor, WA Help!  Technology is Invading My Home
10/15 Northside Anchorage SDA Church Help! Technology is Invading My Home, Raising Life Ready Kids, Why Kids are Under Attack
10/15 Anchorage Junior Academy Renewing Our Minds (Kid Talk)
10/15 Palmer SDA Church Help! Technology is Invading My Home, Raising Life Ready Kids, Why Kids are Under Attack
10/15 Amazing Grace Academy Renewing Our Minds (Kid Talk)
10/15 Amazing Grace Academy, Palmer AK What’s On Their Screen
10/15 Christian Chamber of Northwest – Vancouver Making an Eternal Impact On This Generation
10/15 Christian Chamber of Northwest – Portland Westside Making an Eternal Impact On This Generation
09/15 Goldendale Chamber After hours Impacting This Generation
9/15 Portland Adventist Medical Center Help!  Pornography Is Invading My Home
09/15 Christian Chamber Northwest – Portland Eastside Making an Eternal Impact on This Generation
08/15 Upper Columbia Conference Teacher Convention Breakout Sessions on Pornography, Video Games, Social Media and helping angry teens
08/15 Walla Walla Campmeeting Help! Technology is Invading My Home, Raising Life Ready Kids, Why Kids are Under Attack
07/15 Vancouver USA Rotary Club Impacting This Generation
06/15 Portland Adventist Medical Center Raising Life Ready Kids Seminar (90 Minutes)
06/15 Nanning China Life Ready Kids (4 hour session)
05/15 Tigard Kiwanis Club Impacting This Generation
05/15 Columbia Adventist Academy Renewing the Mind Chapel Talk
04/15 Oasis Church Help! Technology Is Invading My Home Seminar (3 Hours)
03/15 North Vancouver Kiwanis Club Impacting This Generation
02/15 Family Focus Forum (Oregon City) Life Ready Kids (90 Minutes)


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The Next Step

Thanks again for considering us for your event.  If you are truly interested in inviting us to speak, the next step is to check our availability.  Just click on the button below, submit the brief seminar request form, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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Thank you for your interest in having Project Patch present for your group.  The information on this page should be a helpful guide as you determine what exactly you want and need.  If you have any questions, please email info@projectpatch.org or call 360-690-8495.