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Staff Qualification

Therapist/Counselor Qualifications
Project Patch therapists hold master’s degrees in several behavioral science fields, including psychology, family and marriage counseling, guidance counseling, and social work.  All therapists are trained and experienced in individual and group counseling. They conduct family counseling during family visits and help develop aftercare plans.

Education Staff Qualifications
Project Patch teachers hold master’s degrees in education fields and are certified to teach in the state of Idaho.  We ensure staff certifications are complementary and include math, science, English, social science, and history.  Teachers are experienced in teaching in non-traditional classrooms and working one-on-one with students.  The teaching staff is also skilled in pre- and post-assessment testing.  They evaluate past student performance as well as test to develop a learning plan for each student.  The plan begins by filling in gaps the student may have and then helping them reach or exceed their grade level.

Chaplain/Bible Teacher Qualifications
Project Patch’s chaplain is responsible for setting the spiritual tone for the campus through worship services, service projects, Bible class, dorm worships, and spiritual mentoring.  Our chaplain is experienced and trained in theology, preaching, and mentoring teens.